FY-3E Satellite


  • 5th flight unit of the FY-3 series.
  • Main mission: operational meteorology.
  • Substantial contribution to ocean and ice monitoring, climate monitoring.
  • Significant contribution to atmospheric chemistry and space weather.
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit
Altitude 831 km
ECT 05:30 desc
Dry mass 2300 kg
Power 2500 W
Launch 2021-07-05
End of service ≥2026


Picture Acronym Full name No. Bands
MERSI-LL MERSI-LL  Medium Resolution Spectral Imager-LL 7
HIRAS-II HIRAS-II  Hyperspectral Infrared Atmospheric Sounder-II 3053
MWTS-III MWTS-III  Micro-Wave Temperature Sounder-III 17
MWHS-II MWHS-II  Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder-II 15
GNOS-II GNOS-II  GNSS Radio Occultation Sounder-II 50
WindRAD WindRAD  Wind Radar 4
SSIM SSIM  Solar Spectral Irradiance Monitor 4345
SIM-II SIM-II  Solar Irradiance Monitor-II 3
X-EUVI X-EUVI  Solar X-ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Imager 8
Tri-IPM Tri-IPM  Triple-angle Ionospheric PhotoMeter 6
SEM  Space Environment Monitor 421


Instrument Datasets
MERSI-LL L1 dataL2L3 product
HIRAS-II L1 data
MWTS-III L1 dataL2L3 product
MWHS-II L1 dataL2L3 product
GNOS-II L1 dataL2L3 product
WindRAD L1 dataL2L3 product
SSIM L1 data
SIM-II L1 data
X-EUVI L2L3 product
Tri-IPM L1 data
SEM L1 dataL2L3 product




Operational Parameters