Nearly half a century ago in 1969, the former Chinese premier Zhou Enlai made the remark ‘China should have its own meteorological satellites’ that inspired the people of NSMC to plunge into the effort of developing the Chinese meteorological satellites and the satellite meteorology. While witnessing every progress and dramatic change having been made ever since its establishment in 1971, NSMC becomes the operator of both polar-orbiting and geostationary meteorological satellites that serve the country with valuable Earth observational data and products. Right now, the Chinese meteorological satellites have become an integral part of the global observation system, in cooperation with other satellite operators in the world, pursuing the maximized benefit of meteorological satellites for the interest of mankind.

NSMC is one of the operational units of China Meteorological Administration. NSMC operates state-of-the-art facilities and has an excellent staff specialized in meteorology, remote sensing, radio telemetry, and computer technology. Their intelligence, professional quality, devotion and dedication is the guarantee for NSMC to overcome every difficulty encountered on the way forward -- which has been broadly recognized and repeatedly proven by their undertakings in combating severe weather and environment disasters, and by the number of awards for the contribution to S&T advancement of the country.

I would like to welcome your visit to the website of National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC) that intends to introduce you to the Chinese meteorological satellite program, the operation of Fengyun satellite system, besides leading you to the data and product service, which is another purpose of our setting up this website and keeping it upgraded. Of course, your advice and suggestion is much valuable to help us to improve, therefore, I give my thanks to you in anticipation.