It is a system that uses the satellite Digital Video Broadcast technology to transmit meteorological data. NSMC disseminates a category of Fengyun satellite products (ref: DCPC Product) through CMACast. Users can get access to the CMACast service of these products. Or they can download these products from the NSMC Satellite Information Service Website by way of DCPC Product .

CMACast system uses the commercial communications satellite AsiaSat-4 C-band to broadcast. Users within its footprint, which covers Asia and part of south-western Pacific area, will be able to receive the broadcast

CMACast is a component of the GEONETCast, a near real time, global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems designed to distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data, metadata and products to diverse communities. GEONETCast is led by three regional infrastructure providers: EUMETSAT in Europe (EUMETCAST), NOAA in the Western Hemisphere (GEONETCast Americas), and China Meteorological Administration (CMA) in the Asia-Pacific region (CMACast). The full operation of GEONETCast is expected to provide quick, affordable, globally accessible data delivery service to users.

GEONETCast SYSTEM: the CMACast is in Asia –Pacific region

As the CMACast system is operated by the Meteorological Information Service Center of CMA, users, if they have been equipped with a CMACast terminal should subscribe to data service.