Space Environment Package (SEP)


A suite that contains energetic particle detectors, magnetometer, and space weather impact detectors, among which, the energetic particle detectors measure high energy protons (0.4~4MeV) and high energy electrons (1~165MeV, and >165MeV) with two probes. Particle flux detection is performed in multiple directions with a number of probes mounted toward different orientation on the three-axis stabilized spacecraft. The space weather impact detectors measure radiation dosage, electrification at the surface and deep inside the spacecraft. It’s the first time China put space weather impact and space environment detectors on the same geostationary platform.

SEP consists the following instruments:

  • HEPD: High Energy Particle Detector

  • RADD: Radiation Detector

  • CPD: Charging Pressure Depth

  • FGM: Field Geo Magnetic

Data and Products

Satellite Instrument Datasets
FY-4B SEP L1 dataL2L3 product
FY-4A SEP L1 dataL2L3 product

Calibration and Validation

SEP calibration and validation