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CGMS Publishes 2.0 Version Global Specification for Satellite DBS
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The Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) has recently published a new version of global specification for polar-orbiting satellite system, Direct Broadcast Services: LRPT/AHRPT. The LRPT/AHRPT formats are commonly used by meteorological satellite systems to broadcast real-time observation data. At the CGMS-40 meeting held in 2012, Geneva, the CGMS Members approved the EUMETSAT proposal based on a study that suggests modify the global specification. The modification allows for implementation of the global specification by different systems, while still maintain their own characteristics. The modified specification also helps constructors to develop the ground system to adapt to different service providers. Currently, CMA, EUMETSATA, and NOAA have LRPT/AHRPT DB service on their polar-orbiting satellites.