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How to get FY-3A/B MPT/HRPT Data Preprocessing software packages?

Source:   Author:   IssuedDate:2011-12-31

On 27 May 2008, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) successfully launched the FY-3 polar orbiting meteorological satellite. While making the Earth observations, FY-3 continuously broadcasts the raw MPT data (from MERSI instrument) within its coverage, which is packed in CCSDS format and raw HRPT data from all its payload instruments (with only exception of MERSI instrument) via both X and L transmission bands.

For the extensively sharing of FY-3 data, the National Satellite Meteorological Center/CMA has released 2 software packages oriented to Linux users: (1) FY3L0pp 1.1 version and FY3L1pp 1.1 version. Currently, the software packages are capable to process data from the four instruments on board the FY-3 satellite, i.e. MERSI, VIRR, MWTS and MWHS.

If you want to use these software packages, please follow steps below:

1、 Please download " A Letter of Undertaking for Use of Data Preprocessing Software Packages Dedicated to Four FY-3 Payload Instruments" from our website;

2、 Fill out the application form and sign it if you understand the whole terms of this file;

3、 Scan the file, save it in JPEG format and send it to dataserver@cma.gov.cn;

4、 We will send an email, including the download address, user account and password to you if we confirmed your application.

If you have any questions about this software packages, please feel free to ask.