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Satellite Program
Satellite details
Data circulation:
CDAS (Command and Data Acquisition Station) for real-time acquisition of the full information. HRIT(High Rate Information Transmission) for near-real time broadcasting full resolution…/ images.
LRIT (Low Rate Information Transmission) for broadcasting a selection of images and weather warning information.
DCS (Data Collection Service) to relay messages from self-timed DCP (Data Collection Platform).
Acronym:  FY-4A
Full name:  Feng-Yun-4A
Mass at launch:  5400kg
Dry mass:   N/A
Power:   3200 W

Satellite Description
 1st flight unit of the FY-4 series.
  Mission: operational meteorology.
  Significant contribution to Space weather.
Orbit Geostationary orbit
Altitude 35786 km
Position 104.7° E

Operator CMA
Status Operational
Details on Status Operational at 104.7°E since 2017-09-25
Launch 2016-12-11
End of Service Designed life-time: 5 years
Last update 2020-05-09

Satellite Payload
Acronym Full name
DCS Data Collection System
GIIRS Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder
LMI Lightning Mapping Imager
AGRI Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imager
SEP Space Environment Package

Frequency information
Service Dir Frequency Bandwidth Polarisation D/A Datarate or Baseband Comments
CDAS S-E 7500 MHz 100000 kHz RHCP LHCP D N/A Raw data
HRIT S-E 1681 MHz 12000 kHz linear D N/A High-resolution data
HRIT S-E 1679 MHz 8000 kHz linear D N/A High-resolution data
LRIT S-E 1697 MHz 2000 kHz linear D N/A Selected data
DCP E-S 401.1 - 401.4 MHz 300 kHz RHCP D N/A Regional DCP reports
DCP E-S 402 - 402.1 MHz 100 kHz RHCP D N/A International DCP reports