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Satellite Program
Satellite details
Data circulation:
DPT (Delayed Picture Transmission) to acquire the on-board stored global data.
MPT (Medium-resolution Picture Transmission), for X-band real-time broadcasting of information of MERSI data.
HRPT (High Resolution Picture Transmission) for real-time broadcasting of full information of instruments aboard but MERSI.
Acronym:  FY-3A
Full name:  Feng-Yun-3A
Mass at launch:  2298 kg
Dry mass:   2234 kg
Power:   2480 W

Satellite Description
   1st flight unit of the FY-3 series.
   Main mission: operational meteorology.
   Substantial contribution to ocean and ice monitoring, climate monitoring.
  Significant contribution to atmospheric chemistry and space weather.
Orbit Sun-synchronous orbit
Altitude 836 km
ECT 10:15 desc

Operator CMA
Status Inactive
Details on Status   MWRI failed soon after launch. / IRAS failed in October 2008 / SBUS failed in December 2008. / ERM failed in May 2010. / MWTS failed in December 2012.
  Global-cover-image service ends 2015-Jan-05.
Launch 2008-05-27
End of Service 2018-03-01
Last update 2018-06-19

Satellite Payload
Acronym Full name
ERM-1 Earth Radiation Measurement - 1
IRAS Infra Red Atmospheric Sounder
MERSI-1 Medium Resolution Spectral Imager -1
MWHS-1 Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder -1
MWRI Micro-Wave Radiation Imager
MWTS-1 Micro-Wave Temperature Sounder - 1
SBUS Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Sounder
SEM Space Environment Monitor
SIM-1 Solar Irradiance Monitor - 1
TOU Total Ozone Unit
VIRR Visible and Infra-Red Radiometer