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Satellite Program
Satellite details
Data circulation:
CDAS (Command and Data Acquisition Station) for real-time acquisition of the full information.
HRIT(High Rate Information Transmission)for near-real time broadcasting of full resolution S-VISSR data.
DCS (Data Collection Service) to relay messages from self-timed DCP (Data Collection Platform).
CMACast [not exclusively dedicated to FY-2 data] DVB retransmission service.
Acronym:  FY-2G
Full name:  Feng-Yun-2G
Mass at launch:  1380kg
Dry mass:   680kg
Power:   300kw

Satellite Description
  7th flight unit of the FY-2 series.
  Mission: operational meteorology.
  Significant contribution to Space weather.
Orbit Geostationary orbit
Altitude 35786 km
Position 105°E (Primary operational position of FY-GEO) until 2018-04-09.
99.2°E since 2018-04-16.

Operator CMA
Status Operational
Details on Status  Check out at 99.5°E.
 Operational at 105°E since 3 June 2015.
Launch 2014-12-31
End of Service Designed life-time: 4 years
Last update 2020-05-09

Satellite Payload
Acronym Full name
DCS Data Collection Service
SEM Space Environment Monitor
S-VISSR Stretched Visible and Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer

Frequency information
Service Dir Frequency Bandwidth Polarisation D/A Datarate or Baseband Comments
CDAS S-E 1681.6 MHz 20000 kHz linear D 14000 kbps Raw data
HRIT S-E 1687.5 MHz 260 kHz linear D 660 kbps High-resolution data
LRIT S-E 1690.5 MHz 1000 kHz linear D 150 kbps Selected data
DCP E-S 401.1 - 401.4 MHz 300 kHz RHCP D 0.100 kbps Regional DCP reports
DCP E-S 402 - 402.1 MHz 100 kHz RHCP D 0.100 kbps International DCP reports